Chris Rupich-Mantus, Ph.D. '77

Despite Chris’ assertion that one of her proudest moments at IWA was passing a "timed writing" during typing class (because, for once, no one had pulled the plug on the electric typewriter), no one can deny the fact that she is preeminently "plugged in" now. As IWA’s Hall of Fame award recipient in the field of business, Chris has had an impressive career in the field of medical image management and analysis. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology in 1988 from the University of Missouri and, while working in academia, participated in clinical trials and published scholarly papers on the clinical utility of various methods of bone mass measurement. After leaving academia, she worked for Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals as part of a drug development team, before relocating to the East Coast as Director of the Hologic Medical Data Management division, overseeing clinical trials using DXA technology as an outcome. Subsequently, founded her own DXA quality assurance company, DXA Resource Group, Inc, which was recently acquired by M2S, an industry leader in medical image management and analysis. She met her husband of 14 years while at Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals and while Chris is justifiably proud of her professional accomplishments, she says that her greatest achievements are her two "great kids." She is a wife and mother, an accomplished businesswoman, a staunch friend, a collaborative colleague, and a formidable role model for all the young "Chris’s" now in formative mode. She says that her fondest memories of IWA revolve around the friendships she made while at school. She claims that it "took brave and devoted friends" to carry off the crazy, half-baked schemes that she and her friends dreamed up back in those heady teenage days. She and several other IWA grads (Jane Kissling, Cathy Luechtefeld, Mary Anne McGovern, Kathleen May, Peggy Steinlage and Judy Johnson) formed "The Poker Club" right after college and have been getting together once or twice a year since then. The Poker Club is headed to Costa Rica next month to celebrate it’s members turning 50. She points out that she can’t identify one memory that’s any fonder than any other…because, at her "advanced age" it’s hard to dredge up a functioning memory at all!