Red Knight Express - Bus Service

With students coming to Incarnate Word Academy from over 43 different zip codes, we are continually looking for convenient transportation solutions for families. Many families carpool with others in their neighborhoods. For the list of available carpools/interested families, please contact Mr. Jim Johnson, dean of students, at

Many other families, however, choose to use our convenient Red Knight Express (RKE) bus service. One RKE route originates in St. Charles County and the other route originates in West St. Louis County. Yearly service is $500, semester service is $300, and daily service is $5/day. Please click on the buttons below for more information or to register for the Red Knight Express. In addition, time schedules for both routes are listed below.

If you have any questions about the Red Knight Express, please call Vicki Juniewicz at (314) 725-5850 ext. 1101 or email