Dr. Randy Berzon - Mikolas
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Dr. Randy Berzon - Mikolas - Distinguished Leadership

Dr. Randy Berzon-Mikolas served Incarnate Word Academy for 18 years as Assistant Principal, Principal, and finally President. Dr. Randy came to IWA in 1987 as a young, enthusiastic former English teacher from St. Mary’s High School. Within a little over a year and a half, she was the principal. Once Dr. Randy took over, she never looked back. She was determined to make IWA the strongest it had ever been. She had a profound influence on so many aspects of the school.

Dr. Randy was the innovator who introduced computer classes and moved biology to freshman year so the students could take both advanced biology and advanced chemistry during their four years. Always an enthusiastic supporter of athletics, she started and coached the first cross country team and oversaw the building of the soccer/softball field and tennis courts. Many of Dr. Randy’s contributions to IWA can be seen as you walk around campus. She initiated the construction of the addition to the Theater Building, had new lockers and PA system installed, and, along with Sr. Eileen, created the history wall. Less tangible but also vitally important, she helped inaugurate the Hall of Fame, brought in the first million dollar gift to the school, and assisted in the creation of many of the scholarships now available to students. 

Dr. Randy never asked anyone to do something that she would not do. No job was ever too big or too small for her to tackle. If the MPR needed to be cleared out for an event, she was there. If the MPR needed to be cleaned up after an event, she was there. If there was an athletic event, a play, a concert, or a dance recital, she was there. However, what was most important was Dr. Randy’s relationship with the students. She was a student advocate, always genuinely proud of their accomplishments. She would gladly take time out of her day to talk to any student who needed someone to listen. Her door was always open. Dr. Randy was easy to talk to and had the ability to guide, advise and encourage. Dr. Randy enhanced the growth and development of the school through her leadership and work ethic. She encouraged positive growth and development by guiding and trusting others with their expertise to accomplish great things for the school. Even though Randy has retired from IWA and taken on the job of being a full time grandma, her legacy of hard work and leadership will live on for years to come.