Philosophy and Mission
Mission Statement
The mission of Incarnate Word Academy is to challenge young women of faith to achieve their God-given potential as academically successful Women of the Word, following the example of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, by promoting human dignity, thereby empowering themselves and others to make a positive impact on our world.
Incarnate Word Academy's Core Beliefs:
  • Follow the example of Jesus
  • Foster academically successful women
  • Promote human dignity
  • Empower and challenge young women
  • Make a positive impact on our world
Vision Statement of Incarnate Word Academy
Incarnate Word Academy is a Catholic institution which strives to empower our students to become leaders, scholars, and meaningful contributors to the community and the ever-changing world. We make the following commitments:
  • Incarnate Word Academy will offer a premier college-preparatory education in a dynamic learning environment that fosters independence, embraces diversity, and grounds its dedication to excellence in Christian values.
  • Social justice, human respect, and a commitment to service are and will remain at the heart of the community.
  • Our graduates will be prepared to act ethically and responsibly as they continue their educations and enter the workforce, particularly in their ability to use emerging technologies.
  • As a forward-thinking institution, we will continue to evolve our unique approach to teaching and guiding young women, blending strong tradition with sound innovation.
Statement of Philosophy
The philosophy of Incarnate Word Academy is rooted in the mission of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. Our Task is to make visible the love of God as revealed in Jesus, the Incarnate Word, by promoting human dignity. The mission challenges us to raise the consciousness of our school community, to respect cultural diversity, to respond to the needs of the poor, to work for peace and justice, and to be ecologically responsible.

The essence of the Incarnation gives religious significance to the humanizing work of education to which we are dedicated. The college preparatory curriculum develops the individual by encouraging academic achievement and personal growth.

Mission Integration
Mission Integration focuses on implementing the mission of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, in daily life. At IWA this relates to spiritual development, inclusion within the curriculum, and community outreach. IWA’s Mission Statement and Core Beliefs are posted in every building and are incorporated into various aspects of school programs and activities. Faculty and staff witness to living the mission in the manner in which they relate to others and perform their duties.

IWA Mission Committee
IWA’s Mission Committee is a group of faculty, staff and students of all grade levels who are dedicated to preserving and implementing the original mission of the school. They meet monthly and plan ways to promote the mission in life at IWA. In November, 2008, the Mission Committee initiated the program of monthly "Mission Models." This is to recognize students from each grade level and a faculty or staff member who demonstrate IWA's mission in specific ways. Anyone at IWA may nominate a person by submitting a name and reasons for considering this award. The Mission Committee discusses all nominations and submits to the Administration the names of five persons who are then approved, honored and recognized at a liturgy or all-school assembly.

Other ways of making the mission visible have been to research the archives for photographs and facts for the History Wall, which was installed in 2006; gathering artifacts and information to display in the Memorabilia Exhibit, which was installed in 2007; planning an all school assembly for the planting of IWA’s international Peace Pole in 2008. Every year our entire school community renews is dedication to promote peace at IWA and throughout our world.

The Mission Committee leads some annual service projects at IWA and remains open to other ways to promote and share the mission of Jesus at IWA and everywhere else.  

Sister Eileen O’Keeffe '59, CCVI
Mission Integration Coordinator
Mission Committee Moderator

School Prayer
We praise your name Lord Jesus Christ Incarnate Word of God.
By your incarnation you dignified us.
Open our eyes that we may recognize you in one another.
Help us, O God, to be the loving presence of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, today!
Praised be the Incarnate Word!
Forever! Amen!
School Song
Oh, Incarnate Word!
Our dear Incarnate Word!
Loud be your praises heard,
We sing them now up to the sky.
We students pledge our loyalty,
All our fidelity,
We say with sincerity
Your culture's from the most high.
We say true; We love you;
Yes, we do honor you;
Ask us anything and we will try.
Alma Mater dear, hark to these maidens here;
Our aid is ever near;
You will have our hearts until we die.