Summer Packets - Mathematics

Please note: Not every class will require a summer review assignment. The summer review assignments are now available. Please click on the appropriate button below to download your packet.

ALL summer review assignments will be due Friday, August 21, for completion points.  This will give students the first week of school to seek help from any math teacher and review the essential skills needed to start off the year.

2020-2021 Class

Summer Review Assignment


Algebra 1A/1B


Review assignment with topics covering: rounding, operations with integers, and operations with fractions


Honors Algebra 1


Review assignment with topics covering:

Writing and evaluating expressions, order of operations, types of numbers, and distributive property

Geometry A/B

Review solving equations assignment

Honors Geometry

Review assignment with topics covering: solving equations, graphing linear equations, and solving systems of equations.

Algebra 2A/2B

Review solving equations assignment.

Honors Algebra 2

Review solving equations assignment.

Algebra 3

No summer review assignment

College Algebra

No summer review assignment


No summer review assignment


No summer review assignment

AP Calculus

No summer review assignment