Mary Nahm
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Mary Nahm - Red Knight Champion

Mary Nahm is one of the most dedicated, humble, and caring individuals to ever grace the halls of Incarnate Word Academy.  Mary was first hired in 1987 to teach Physical Education. She held that position for 26 years until May 2013 when she retired from teaching. During her tenure, Mary acted as the head of her department and was also the moderator of IWA’s National Honor Society. As a teacher Mary took her job very seriously, held herself and her students to very high standards, exhibited a great work ethic, and  genuinely cared for her students. One former student described her as, "The definition of what a real P.E. teacher should be.” Mary wanted her students to learn how to be physically active for the rest of their lives and to learn to live a healthy lifestyle. 

In 1998 Mary became tennis coach at IWA, a position she continues to hold today. Before Mary became the tennis coach, the school had never won a district championship and never participated in a state tournament. Under Mary’s guidance, IWA has had players competing in the state tournament on ten different occasions, including three years when the whole team made it to the final four. The teams’ success under Mary’s coaching did not come easily. While some skilled tennis individuals walked through the doors of school and were good players right away, girls who had never played tennis before would often come out for the team. Under Mary’s guidance and direction, they became quality players. It takes a patient coach with real teaching skills to take a young woman interested in playing tennis and turn her into a skilled athlete. That is the kind of coach Mary Nahm is. While Mary has achieved much in the classroom and as a coach, her greatest joy has come watching her four children each graduate from college, get married, and continue to lead lives filled with family, faith, and love.