Marnie Adams 1986
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Marnie Adams - 1986 - Red Knight Great

In today’s world, we have forced young people to concentrate on a single sport. The 1980s, however, were a period of multisport athletes. No one was a better multisport athlete than Marnie Adams. Never the most physically imposing athlete, once Marnie was on the court or field, her skills were evident. Marnie played three years of varsity softball, basketball, and volleyball. While she was a very good basketball and softball player, it was on the volleyball court where Marnie really shone. Marnie was part of the 1983, 1984, and 1986 state championship teams. She was also co-captain of the ’86 team. When one of Marnie’s former teammates was asked what Marnie was really good at, the answer was, "Everything.” Coach Teri Clemens put it this way: "Marnie was a quick, agile athlete with a powerful mind. She studied her position beyond most athletes. I would describe her as one of the most practiced and efficient players in my time. She was a star in both softball and volleyball and was instrumental in our state championship play. And it didn’t hurt that she was a leader and friend to all of her teammates.” 

Marnie arrived at IWA a skilled player with a solid foundation and progressed from there. She became known as a very smart, consistent, individual with great drive and desire to succeed. By the time senior year came around, she was a real "go to” player who could hit, defend, or set. After high school Marnie accepted a scholarship to the University of Tampa where she was a four year letterman and an All Conference selection on multiple occasions. Her team was the Sunshine Conference champion 1986-1990 and made it to the Division II final eight in 1989. Marnie was team captain her senior year.  

After college Marnie continued her education at Washington University where she was awarded two master’s degrees in Telecommunications and Information Management. She has worked for AT&T for the past fifteen years, but her most important work has been that which she and her husband share - raising their two children Elizabeth 12 and Trey 10.