Birch Culinary Lunch Service Update
  • All Birch Culinary employees will complete daily health screenings and temperature checks.

  • Birch Culinary will create 3 weeks of menus for the students to review.

  • There will be 3 pre-packaged options each day: (1) salad with protein, dessert, bottled water; (2) deli sandwich or wrap with chips, dessert, bottled water; (3) hot entre, dessert, bottled water.

  • A Google Form will be filled out by the students to indicate the day(s) and specific meal(s) to be purchased.

  • Birch culinary staff (equipped with necessary PPE) will distribute these lunches to students in the cafeteria during their lunch mod. Birch Culinary will not accept cash and the registers will not be operational. All lunches must be pre-ordered and the cost of the lunches will be deducted from the My School Bucks account. 

  • All of these procedures will be in place to reduce points of contact and ensure community safety.