Krista Tesreau Strauss 1982
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Krista Tesreau Strauss - 1982 - Theater

Krista was a gifted performer as she began playing the piano at the age of 2 and liked giving recitals. The IWA administration knew early on that Krista had special talents. She often left campus to take classes at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Krista’s transcripts have a fine art focus, with dance and applied music (piano) as her emphasis.  In her junior year she was Miss Teen Missouri. Senior year, Krista was the secretary of the French Club. The beginning of her stage career occurred in IWA’s theater.  She was Polly in The Boyfriend, Zaneeta in The Music Man  and Terry Thompson in Babes in Arms. Krista took on two other personalities in her career. She was Mindy on the Guiding Light and Tina on One Life to Live. Krista was also on an episode of Perry Mason and The Rifleman. She has been the hostess for several infomercial products: Bare Essentials and Nature’s Finest Candles. She also supported a fitness system-Belly Buddy.  In her community, Krista volunteers in the lives of those who are in need and challenged. Krista is surrounded by love from her husband, Glenn and two children, Michael and Julia.