College Credit Options

Incarnate Word Academy offers a great opportunity to earn college credits at a reduced rate for juniors and seniors through UMSL or St. Louis University.

If the university that the IWA graduate selects accepts the college credits, the IWA graduate will enter college as a 2nd semester freshmen or even a sophomore her first semester of college.

To register with UMSL or St. Louis University for ACC or ACP credit, a student must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA.  All courses taken at IWA, excluding pass/fail courses will be counted in the GPA.

We offer the following college credit courses:

Computer Information Systems ACP

Honors Adv American Lit ACP

Honors American History ACP

Honors British Literature ACP

Honors Composition 4 ACP

Honors French 3 ACP

Honors French 4 ACP

Honors Psychology ACP

Honors Spanish 3 ACP

Honors Spanish 4 ACP

Honors Spanish 5 ACP

Honors Western Civilization ACP

Honors Women’s Studies ACP

Honors World Literature ACP

World Religious Traditions ACP

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Calculus