Incarnate Word Academy is located in the suburban residential neighborhood of Bel Nor in St. Louis, MO. The eight acre campus was once part of the Lucas estate. A Charter from the state of Missouri was granted in 1932, and the first classes were held in the convent building. From the first enrollment of thirty-five students, the student body has steadily increased every year. 
As the Sisters observed the yearly increase in enrollment from 1932 on, as well as the rapid growth and development of the city in the direction of Normandy, they realized the urgent need for expansion. To answer the demand of educational agencies for a more diversified curriculum, a gymnasium was erected in 1938. Classroom buildings were added in 1948 and 1957 and the theater building was erected in 1970. Many renovations have been completed over the years to update the original buildings and grounds, but the spirit of unwavering faith that founded this school over seventy-five years ago has not changed.

Incarnate Word Academy was started with great passion for the students who would enter its doors.  Sister Peter Nolasco took that courageous step during the depression years, and the Sisters and lay teachers have continued that spirit throughout the years. IWA continues to personify excellence and pride while equipping the young women of the 21st century to be Women of the Word.