Patricia Steinlage Haberstroh, '61

Following graduation from Incarnate, Pat completed a two-year degree program at Southeast Missouri State before marrying and becoming a stay-at-home mom to her three children. On the day her youngest son Ricky started kindergarten, Pat walked him to his first day of school and then walked to UMSL to begin her first class in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree. Three years later in 1980, she graduated cum laude with a degree in accounting. Ever since, her career in business has flourished. While assisting her husband in his insurance agency, Pat decided that she would be more challenged if she started her own business. She founded Benefit Concepts, Inc., a health brokerage agency that found markets for health insurance brokers and also began her own agency with producers. Over the years, that agency has become one of the top Senior Market agencies in the state of Missouri. Pat now acts as the administrative and financial officer and her "kindergartner," Rick Jr., is the marketing officer and full partner. Her middle daughter, Stacy, is one of the leading producers in the agency. Pat’s methods for growing and maintaining business have become the gold standard for her industry. Few people – and fewer, women, if any – have achieved the production goals that Pat has attained. Her oldest daughter, Michelle, also an IWA graduate, lives in Washington State with her three daughters. Like so many "Women of the Word" before her, Pat is passionate about not only her professional pursuits, but her religious ones as well. Pat has long been active in the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem and was admitted to the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem in 2005, when she became Lady Commander Patricia Steinlage Haberstroh, LHS. Part of the Order’s mission is to sustain aid to the Catholic Church in the Holy Land and to strengthen the practice of Christian Life according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Patricia’s business practices and successes, and her continued commitment to her Catholic faith, are sterling examples of caring service to her community and to her Church.