2018-2019 Book Information

Click HERE to view the book list for the 2018- 2019 school year.

Selling Your Used Books:

If you have books to sell back to eTechCampus, (the IWA booksource), the book buyback process is online and lasts until June 22.

A second option for selling the books you now own is to sell your books directly to another student. Just check the book list to make sure that IWA will still use that book for 2018-19. It will be up to you to determine the price you want to ask for the books.

Buying Books for 2018-19:

You have 3 options for buying books-

1. The eTechCampus online store will open for browsing on July 9. If you use eTechCampus, a week of free shipping will be available from July 16-20. The online bookstore is easy to use and available to shop 24/7. There is same day shipping for orders placed before noon with flexible payment options. If you use eTechCampus, there are five options:

  • New Books
  • Used Books
  • Rent Books
  • eTextbooks (digital Textbooks)
  • eTechCampus Marketplace (Marketplace books are sold by third-party individuals, bookstores and volume sellers. The process of using the Marketplace is just like using Amazon. eTechCampus has over 18,000 current Marketplace sellers listing over 2.6 million textbooks.)

2. A second book buying option is to buy your daughter’s books from other websites. You would need to find the ISBN numbers from the book list and use those to ensure that you are getting the correct books. 

3. The third option is to purchase your books from current IWA students. Again, you would need to check the book list for the ISBN numbers to make sure that you are getting the correct books. 

If you have questions about the book list, selling books or buying books, please contact:

Jim Johnson
Dean of Students
314 725 5850 ext 1105