Academic Departments

Business Education

Department Chair: Tina Claxton

The Business Education Department offers courses in Microcomputers, Computer Applications, Computer Graphics & Publications, Web Design & HTML, and Accounting.

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Department Chair: Bryan Villmer

The English Department offers courses in Composition, Literary Types, American Literature, English Literature, British Literature, World Literatures, Research Writing, Creative Writing and Yearbook.

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Fine Arts

Department Chair: Paul Aubuchon

The fine Arts Department offers courses in Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Sculpture, Tap Dance, Broadway Dance, Dance Aerobics, Advanced Dance Technique, Choir, Instrumental Music, Drama - Performance, Speech, Acting & Directing and Theatre Production.

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World Languages

Department Chair: Adriana Boter

The World Languages Department offers courses on all levels in Spanish, French and Chinese.

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Department Chair: Cabrina Noonan

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Department Chair: Karla Kutz

The Mathematics Department offers courses in Algebra 1, 2 & 3, Geometry, Trigonometry, Prabability & Statistics, Pre-Calculus and A.P. Calculus.

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Physical Education

Department Chair: Kathleen Grupe

The Physical Education Department offers courses in Physical Education 1 & 2, Health, Dance Aerobics, First Aid & Nutrition, Racquet Sports, Strength Training 1 & 2 and Recreation/Team Sports.

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Department Chair: Tanja Mead

The Science Department offers courses in Biology, A.P. Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Chemistry, A.P. Chemistry, Evolution/Genetics, Animal Physiology, Earth Sciences, Physics and A.P. Environmental Science.

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Social Studies

Department Chair: Bill Huber

The Social Studies Department offers courses in American Foundations, American History, Word History, World Areas, Western Civilization, Street Law, Current Issues, Women's Studies, Psychology and Introduction to Political Science.

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Department Chair: Jackie Watson

The Theology Department offers courses in Sacraments, Church History, Old Testament, New Testament, Social Justice, Morality, World Religious Studies, Marriage, Family & Commitment, Spiritual Anthropology and Contemporary Culture & Religion.

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