4 Year Plan

The 4 Year Plan is an form that students fill out as Freshmen and update annually. Please click HERE to download a blank 4 Year Plan.

Please look over your daughter's plan with her before registration, so you are aware of her intended course selections.  We strive to help them create a plan that will meet their interests and college/career aspirations. 

The credit requirements for graduation are listed in the left hand column, next to the subject name.  Students are told the expectation at IWA (and any college prep school) is "4 Years in the 4 Core", core subjects being English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  While three years of Science is all that is needed to earn an IWA diploma, the expectation is every student will take four years of Science.  Additionally, four years of Theology, one semester of Speech, one semester of Health, one semester of Personal Finance, two semesters of an Innovative Technology, three semesters of a Fine Art, and three semesters of PE (one semester per year) are required. Freshman automatically take Freshmen Guidance and Sophomores and Juniors are automatically enrolled in a Guidance class that only meets once per cycle.  All courses, with the exception of Guidance, earn .5 credits per semester. Students must meet a minimum required amount of 7 credits per semester, although many students choose to exceed the minimum by .5 credit, so they can take an extra elective. The maximum number of credits allowed per year is 8.

Please contact Mrs. Rose Sumpter in the Guidance Office with questions about your daughter's 4 Year Plan.