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Teacher Spotlight: Patrick Jennewein

Tuesday, October 23, 2018  
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Patrick Jennewein, a fourth-year teacher at Incarnate Word Academy, always believed that law was his calling.  On a hunch, however, he took a year off and applied to the Alum Service Corps in which he - at the initial distress of his parents - temporarily gave up his corporate dreams to voluntarily teach English at DeSmet Jesuit High School. 

He loved the experience and found himself at Incarnate Word Academy the next school year.  While teaching, he also realized how his former obsession with making law school affordable through merit-based scholarships directly translated to high school students: he realized that, just as achieving a few extra LSAT points would have saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars, his students' path of making college affordable was through the ACT.  As such, he developed the first full-length ACT preparation class at IWA in Spring 2017.  Only two years into devising that initial curriculum, his ACT preparation practice has expanded to him - along with other IWA teachers - forming partnerships with UMSL, the HBCU Alumni Association, and other local high schools. To date, he and his colleagues have served over 1,200 ACT students in the St. Louis area. 

Despite this, he still writes with local attorneys as a "hobby," which includes him helping to advance a case currently in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth District - one step below the United States Supreme Court.  Though he never plans to find himself in a courtroom, his diverse background adds character to a classroom perhaps not experienced elsewhere.