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Summer 2009 Math Packets

June 2009


At Incarnate Word Academy, we are dedicated to providing the very best education possible for your daughter.  With this in mind, the Mathematics Department has prepared a summer review packet to ensure that all students are prepared with the basic skills necessary to be successful in their mathematics course next year.  A student should choose the summer packet based on the course she will be taking next fall.  For example, a student entering Geometry should download the Geometry summer review packet.  The review packet contains explanations, examples, practice problems, and an answer key.


Completing the review packet is optional.  It WILL NOT be collected for a grade.  It is strictly a preparation tool.  However, within the first two weeks of the 2009-2010 school year, the students will be given a test in their mathematics classes over the packet’s material.  This test WILL be graded, and it will affect the student’s semester grade.


On Friday, August 21, from 1 pm – 3 pm, the IWA mathematics teachers are providing a Question & Answer session over the summer packet.  This session is optional.  We are offering it to those students who need extra help or more explanation over any of the topics covered in the packet.


If you have any questions concerning the logistics of the summer packet or the Question & Answer session, please contact the Mathematics Department Co-Chairs.

Mrs. Karla Kutz                                Ms. Amy Thompson         

314-725-5850 ext.150                      314-725-5850 ext.113


We are looking forward to seeing you at IWA this fall!




IWA Mathematics Department



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