Angie Ernst-Brown, ’86

Angie Ernst-Brown walked into the halls of Incarnate Word Academy in the fall of 1982 and was quickly perceived by many as a young woman who had great potential as an athlete and a leader. Over the next four years, Angie made those early prognosticators look a lot smarter than they really were. Being the fine athlete she was, Angie worked her way onto the varsity basketball team freshman year and was a member of the varsity softball teams both freshman and sophomore year. But it was pretty obvious where her heart was and that was on the volleyball court. So Angie gave up the other sports to focus on volleyball, which turned out to be a pretty smart move. Angie was an impact player as a freshman on a team that was already loaded with stars. Her freshman year, the volleyball team won the state championship, a feat Angie enjoyed so much she dedicated herself to repeating it the next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. In fact, Angie was the first player in Missouri to ever play on four consecutive state championship teams. Besides just being a great player, Angie was a great leader on the court. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Her leadership was displayed most prominently her senior year when she and the other seniors helped a rookie coach take the team to the state championship. She received all state honors senior year. She was also a member of the St. Louis Junior Olympic Team from 1981-85 and was selected to the Junior Olympic All Tournament team in 1981 and 1983. Angie competed in Canada with the Midwest National team in 1985. In the midst of all of this, Angie still found time to be Student Council President her senior year. After graduating from high school, Angie received a volleyball scholarship to the University of Rhode Island.She transferred to St. Louis University and earned her degree in accounting. As a graduate student, she attend SIU-C and was the graduate assistant to the women’s volleyball team while earning her masters in sports management. After receiving her degree in sports management, Angie worked a variety of special events including the Super Bowl, MLS Soccer Championship Cup, World Wrestling Championship and 6 Olympic Games: Atlanta, Sydney, Salt Lake City, Athens, Torino & Beijing. Angie is a full-time mother and lives in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband, Jim, and her son Benny (5).