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Social Studies
Mission Statement

The social studies department aims to have students acquire content, a firm grasp of reasoning and practice in inquiry and research, effective methods for expressing and defending their ideas, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of a citizenry in a participatory democracy. Social Studies prepare young women to identify, understand, and work to solve problems facing our diverse nation in an increasingly interdependent world.

Bill Huber
Department Chair
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Bill Huber is in his sixth year teaching at Incarnate Word Academy. This year he is teaching Honors World Areas, World Areas, Honors American Foundations, American Foundations, and Psychology. Bill is currently enrolled at St. Louis University seeking a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.

Mr. Huber is also the varsity cross country coach and assistant varsity soccer coach.

Elizabeth Heidmann '95
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Elizabeth Kelemen Heidmann is a 1995 graduate of Incarnate Word Academy. She earned both her BA in History and her Masters in Education at Truman State University. She has taught at IWA since the 2000-2001 school year. She teaches Honors Western Civilizations, Honors American History, US History, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. She is also the Debate Team moderator.

Deb Rothweiler
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Deborah Rothweiler has been a member of the IWA community since March, 1980. She received her BA degree in History from Fontbonne College and her MAEd in Behavioral Studies from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. In addition to her degrees, Ms. Rothweiler has had extensive course work in economics through the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education and the Missouri Council on Economic Education, which included participating in a teacher exchange program in Ukraine.  
Ms. Rothweiler’s  ideas and innovations in the classroom merited her the Robert Coe Award from Stanford University and nominations for the Suburban Journals Teacher of the Year.  
Currently, Ms. Rothweiler teaches World History, Honors World History, Honors Women Studies, and Honors Psychology.  Her teaching repertoire also includes Government, American History, Current Issues, and Street Law.
Ms. Rothweiler has been involved in coaching spirit teams (cheerleading and dance) for 33 years. She received the NFHS Cheerleading Coach of the Year award in 200. In addition to her coaching responsibilities, Ms. Rothweiler is actively involved in spirit teams development through her association with the state cheerleading coaches association (MCCA) for whom she has served on its Board and presently is its webmaster and newsletter director. She also serves on the state's dance team coaches' association (MDTA) as its coordinator of safety judges and webmaster. In addition, Ms. Rothweiler has been active in this field through her association with the Missouri State High School Activities Association. She is presently a Spirit Rules Interpreter and a member of the MSHSAA.  She has served on its  Cheer Advisory Board and the Show Me Leadership Committee.  She is being awarded the MSHSAA State Distinguished Service Award.

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