Student Council

Our Vision Statement

The primary purpose of Student Council is to foster the growth of leadership and service consistent with the philosophy of Incarnate Word Academy, "Making the Incarnation of Jesus visible in the world today by promoting human dignity", which we hold in the highest regard as a Catholic high school.

Student Council members serve as leaders for the entire school as well outside of IWA by working to foster positive relationships among faculty, staff, students and the community. Our members work to create pride in our school and help to improve the school community's atmosphere and attitude.

Our Goals
Establish a precedent of service in the community/school 
Foster stronger interrelationships among the students, facuty, administration, and staff 
Provide a positive example for other students 
Help mold and create confident women 
Promote school spirit
Govern the school body effectively by representing their ideas in a fair and consistent manner 
Plan and execute activities to increase student involvement
Club Moderators
Jackie Watson and Kevin Arendt