Mission Integration


Mission Integration focuses on implementing the mission of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, in daily life. At IWA this relates to spiritual development and community outreach as well as the academic program. Sr. Eileen is the moderator of IWA’s Mission Committee of students and staff. This dedicated group was largely responsible for the collection of materials, suggestions for design, and fund-raising for the installation of IWA’s History Wall and Memorabilia Exhibit.


 IWA’s Mission Committee is a group of faculty, staff and students of all grade levels who are dedicated to preserving and implementing the original mission of the school. They meet monthly and plan ways to promote the mission in daily life at IWA. In November, 2008, the Mission Committee initiated the program of monthly "Mission Models." This is to recognize students from each grade level and a faculty or staff member who demonstrate IWA's mission in specific ways. Anyone at IWA may nominate a person by submitting a name and reasons for considering this award. The Mission Committee discusses all nominations and selects five persons who are then honored and recognized at a liturgy or all-school assembly.

Other ways of making the mission visible have been to research the archives for photographs and facts for the History Wall, which was installed in 2006; gathering artifacts and information to display in the Memorabilia Exhibit, which was installed in 2007; planning an all school assembly for the planting of IWA’s international Peace Pole in 2008. Every year our entire school community renews is dedication to promote peace at IWA and throughout our world.

The Mission Committee leads some annual service projects at IWA: collecting blankets for Missouri Energy Care, participating in World Food Day to package meals for local & international hunger relief, volunteering in The Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive to assist persons who have developmental disabilities, and co-sponsoring IWA's Mission Carnival to raise funds for a specifically chosen program. The committee also remains open to other ways to promote and live the mission of Jesus at IWA and everywhere else. 


Sister Eileen O’Keeffe '59, CCVI
Mission Integration Coordinator