Campus Ministry Community Service

Goal of the Community Service Program

The community service program at Incarnate Word Academy was established to provide students the opportunity to serve people in their neighborhood, family, parish and church as well as the greater metro area.   The goal of the program is to inspire Women of the Word to become advocates for peace and justice while working among marginalized people in numerous settings.  Students can utilize their service experiences as they pursue college scholarships, career choices and life commitments.



Community Service Sites (not an exhaustive list)

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Rehab Center                  St. Patrick Center

Kids Under Twenty One                                       Youth in Need

Catholic Elementary Schools                                 Karen House

Nursing Homes                                                    EnergyCare

DePaul Hospital                                                   UM-St Louis Volunteer Services

Missouri Department of Conservation                     Habitat for Humanity

Marygrove Child Center


Our Commitment

Incarnate Word Academy is committed to the community service program and encourages faculty and staff to volunteer and serve in the surrounding community.   Each junior receives a personal visit from a faculty member during the nine days that she is on-site in May for her service commitment.  Each student is given a card where hours of service are noted.  Signatures from a supervisor are required.  The card is the only piece of information accepted for validation of community service hours.  Cards can be replaced for $5.00 each.  Cards are accepted in the campus ministry office.