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Over 90% of Incarnate Word Academy's student body is involved in at least one extra-curricular activity.

IWA’s clubs and organizations provide our students with outlets to express their individuality and share their interests with others. Each club meets often and participates in group discussions, field trips, and special events.  At the beginning of each year, students can sign-up for clubs during the Club Expo.  During the Club Expo, each club is represented by current club members and students are able to learn more about each organization.

The following clubs are available at Incarnate Word Academy.

Anime Club
Students in the Anime Club learn about the Japanese culture while learning about the Japanese language, popular customs and traditions and exploring different genres of anime.
Moderator:  Ms. Julie Hamilton

Art Interns
Senior Art Interns is an organization of senior students who are interested in art. The Senior Art Interns design and paint projects to enhance the IWA campus. They participate in IWA Mission Week, assist with the Fine Arts Week Festival, and volunteer for art service projects in the community. The Senior Art Interns help set up the winter and spring art shows, and many of them present a culmination of their high school art work in a Senior Showcase. 
Moderator:  Mrs. Michele Stokes

Diversity Club
The Diversity Club promotes dignity, acceptance and respect at IWA and the larger community.  This club welcomes and educates students who are interested in learning about diversity by  celebrating and embracing the similarities and differences of all students.  
Moderators:  Ms. Julie Hamilton and Sr. Eileen O’Keeffe, CCVI


French Club

The mission of French Club is to immerse ourselves in French culture through various fun and educational

activities.  We promote French culture and language in the
IWA community.  We strive to better ourselves in our understanding of the French and Francophone 
cultures, people and language.  
Moderator:   Mrs. Catherine Marquart

Girls in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)
The mission of G.I.F.T. club is to create opportunities for all students to connect in prayer.  This group is dedicated towards growing together as sisters in Christ, in prayer, and as "Women of the Word” by bonding through all grade levels.
Moderator:  Ms. Geri Pitti

Harry Potter Club
The mission of the Harry Potter Club is to promote the positive themes reflected throughout the Harry Potter series, including the importance of friendship, the belief in good prevailing over evil, and the idea that love can conquer all.  
Moderator:  Mr. John Gundy

Literary Club
The mission of the Lit Club is to promote reading titles of recognized literary value and comparing them to their film counterparts.  This year, the club will read and discuss two novels and watch and respond to their film adaptations:  The Life of Pi and the Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Moderator:  Mr. Michael Barrett

Nature Club
Nature Club is a group committed to increasing community understanding and awareness of issues concerning nature and its preservation through activities and engagement.  The goals of the club are:  to run a successful recycling week, to help operate the school’s single-stream recycling system and to take group field trips related to nature (camping, rock climbing, etc.).
Moderator:  Mr. Anthony D’Agostino

Peace & Justice
The Peace & Justice club strives to bring awareness to human rights issues and to promote human dignity.  Its members are committed to spreading justice, peace, and hope for all people.  We believe any student can make a difference in her corner of the world.
Moderator:  Mrs. Amy James

Philanthropy Club
The mission of the Philanthropy club is to bring awareness to the world that we live in and the people around us, we hope to create a change in our hearts and minds to benefit the human good and cherish human dignity.   Members organize and participate in different events to raise money for different organizations in the St. Louis Community.  
Moderator:  Ms. Jackie Watson

Photo Club
The Photography Club is open to any student who is interested in learning more about photography, to expand their technical and creative range, and to take pictures of school events and students that can be used by the school yearbook.
Moderator:  Mr. Bryan Villmer

Respect for Life Club
The Respect for Life Club consists of a group of students who wish to educate, update and challenge the IWA community to dedicate themselves to respect life from the womb to the tomb.  Students stand up and witness for the dignity of the unborn, mentally and physically challenged, elderly, persons on the fringe of society.  Respect for Life Club proclaims the Gospel of Life through actively participating in the Life Chain and the Pro Life March in Washington, DC and a variety of monthly activities to be active participants in the cause of Life.
Moderator:  Ms. Geri Pitti

Science Club
The mission of the IWA Science club is to recruit, support, nurture, and promote students with an interest in the sciences for personal reasons, academic preparation, the betterment of society, and career opportunities by providing guidance, resources, and activities to meet these goals.
Moderator:  Mr. Tom Conley

Spanish Club
The mission of the Spanish Club is to  provide opportunities for students studying Spanish to gather to enhance their cultural awareness and knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries.
Moderator:  Mr. Kevin Kelly

Debate Club
The mission of the Debate club is to become more informed on current topics through research and debate within the club meetings, and to learn how to more effectively debate.   
Moderator:  Ms. Liz Heidmann

Warm Fuzzy Club
To spread encouragement, support or thanks to one another, students, faculty and staff send warm  fuzzy notes which has been a long-standing tradition at IWA.  The mission of the Warm Fuzzy Club is to spread appreciation and thankfulness throughout the IWA community.  The goal of the club is to ensure each person of the IWA community receives a warm fuzzy note by the end of the school year.
Moderator:  Mr. Bryan Villmer

Wellness Team
Women of Wellness is a way of living that empowers members of the IWA community to grow in mind, body and spirit. Everyone has the opportunity to discover and live wellness in a supportive environment every day.  We cultivate and empower wellness in each other—we bring out the best in ourselves.  The Wellness team focuses on the 6 dimensions of wellness for her lifetime:  physical, emotional, social, spiritual, mental and occupational.
Moderator:  Julie Hercules


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